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Protect organizations and employees from insider crime
Why ClearForce?

If you are an organization that handles classified, confidential, financial, trade secret or customer personally identifiable data – or have unsupervised employees – you have risk that employees or contractors may commit a crime inside your workplace.

The key to successful insider risk management is striking the balance between protecting the organization and ensuring a culture of trust among your employees.

ClearForce achieves your goal with an insider risk management solution that protects your employees and your organization by combining event based alerting with legally compliant workflow.

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ClearForce Features
  • Legally compliant and standardized workflow
  • Real-time event driven behavioral alerts
  • Centralized and archived investigation
  • Flexible, configurable role-specific policy
  • Secure cloud based service
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ClearForce Benefits
  • Non-Intrusive event-based alerts
  • Early identification & intervention
  • Operationally efficient
  • Eliminate bias
  • Simple to deploy and maintain
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Cyber Security & Insider Threat

ClearForce helps organizations see behind the façade of susceptible or vulnerable employees who may become threats to the organization or other employees – and prevent the risk from ever materializing.

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The Impact is Significant

US economy lost $1.18 trillion in direct cost in 2014
Insiders implicated in 53% or $627B of US business losses

  • Insider Statistics

    Cyber Crime

    $111B estimated yearly cost
    1,450 reported attacks in 2013

    Fraud and Theft

    $870B estimated yearly cost
    61% of losses involve managers
    & senior executives

    Workplace Violence

    $202B estimated lost productivity
    1/6 of all violent crime occurs
    in the workplace

  • Costs are Growing Rapidly

    • 2010
    • 2011
    • 2012
    • 2013
    • 2014

    230% increase in just 5 years to
    resolve a US cyber attack

    Source: Ponemon Institute