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Posted on: February 14, 2017

ClearForce Offers a New Approach to Government Insider Threat Monitoring

ClearForce adds a layer of protection against cybercrime, theft, fraud or workplace violence, by continually evaluating criminal and financial behavior of civilian and Defense employees in and outside the workplace.  ClearForce ensures that organizational and individual rights are protected while quickly identifying and addressing potential insider risks.  It is a complete end-to-end process with:

–  Proactive “push” alerts showing risk indicators

–  Additional alerts ingested from external sources, with automated workflow to make them actionable

–  Integrated peer, self and whistleblower reporting

–  A patent pending and legally compliant workflow linked to configurable internal policy.

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The workflow supports a standardized, bias-free process that is secure and archives all communications and actions.  ClearForce operates with full employee consent, removes judgmental bias through standard job level policy, automates required checks & balances, and provides appropriate levels of anonymity and security.

ClearForce Proactively Identifies Indicators of Potential Risk

Whether driven by emotional, financial or legal needs, employees often look for ways to address personal stressors, and the workplace can offer that opportunity.  A greater risk is if the employee’s behavioral indicators remain unseen, but discoverable by outside bad actors.  ClearForce supports a complete counterintelligence approach to the insider threat risk.  By highlighting and generating an informed conversation, the door to coercion is closed.

ClearForce is the Ultimate Commander’s Tool

ClearForce supports centralized adjudication, while also empowering decentralized mitigation.  This industry-leading transparency enables early risk identification and early involvement of the individual with local leadership.  Most insider risk systems today focus only on finding bad actors.  ClearForce adds the power of early engagement with behavioral indicators that the employee may be trending in the wrong direction.  Early engagement can save the employee from crossing a line that creates material insider risk and forces a negative outcome.  Consider the cost savings if you do not have to pull a security clearance or replace the employee on short notice.

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ClearForce Eliminates the Current Gap in Coverage

Many cyber monitoring solutions have almost no ability to see the individual when offsite.  With ClearForce you can holistically understand the actions of an individual 24-7.  Consider the value of ClearForce as an advance sensor or scout that is upstream of the larger effort.  ClearForce supports the early identification of potential risk and enables informed action on real risk.  This allows you to focus the larger governmental adjudication function and prioritize investigative capability.

ClearForce is operational today, with a turnkey tool that supports OUSD(I) Continuous Evaluation and DSS insider threat monitoring requirement.  ClearForce is also ready to support the larger efforts required to gather, integrate, and report relevant and credible information covered by the 13 personnel security adjudicative guidelines.

ClearForce is Ready Now to Provide 24/7 – 365 Continuous Insider Risk Monitoring