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Harold Martin Indicted for Espionage


On October 5, 2016, Harold Martin was indicted for stealing classified information in US court. The former Booz Allen employee stands accused of stealing the equivalent of half a billion pages of classified documents from the National Security Agency and Office of the Director of National Intelligence. A search of home and car in September 2016 found more than 50 TB unprotected classified data.

The thefts of government files are alleged to have begun in 1998. Mr. Martin had run-ins with the law previously, which were not reported to his employer or to his facilities security officer.

According to the New York Times, Mr. Martin “got and kept a top-secret clearance despite a record included drinking problems, a drunk-driving arrest, two divorces, unpaid tax bills, a charge of computer harassment and a bizarre episode in which he posed as a police officer in a traffic dispute.”

Specifically, he was charged with using a computer for harassment in 2003, with a DUI in 2006, and for impersonating a police officer in 2008. A U.S. Navy veteran, Martin had previously been described as an “enigmatic loner” by former colleagues and other acquaintances.

He passed Top Secret Periodic Review with Polygraph in 2012. Until his arrest, he operated on classified systems with latest cyber protections. Unfortunately, it was not until after his arrest did all his previous run ins with law enforcement, financial difficulties or HR related allegation come into Focus. ClearForce would have identified all of Mr. Martin’s legal and financial issues in real time, thus allowing his employer and the government to investigate his actions and make ongoing decisions about his continued access to Government resources.