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ClearForce is Easy to Implement and Operate

Posted on: February 14, 2017

ClearForce Technically Simple to Deploy

ClearForce is a secure cloud service.  There are no servers to buy, and no software to maintain.  The data is owned by the subscriber.  It is encrypted at rest and in motion, meaning that no one, including ClearForce technical staff, has access to your data.  Your data never leaves the database (e.g.: no reports and no email) except electronically in a machine-to-machine transaction.

ClearForce Operationally Simple to Deploy

ClearForce on-boarding involves only two steps.  The first is to ensure employee consent.  Many companies have this in place today, including all employees that completed an SF 86 Form for clearance.  Some companies capture consent as part of the new hire (and initial background screening), others include as part of an annual HR handbook update, and some through outreach and communication to obtain new consent forms from existing hires.  We provide sample materials to make this process easier.  The second step is to format employee data for transfer to ClearForce.  Many existing HR Management systems are set up to format the data but if not, we will provide a spreadsheet that can be used to populate the database.  Once these two steps are complete, ClearForce can have the application up and running for your organization in about an hour.

ClearForce Requires Minimal Resources to Maintain

The application assigns user roles and automates many manual processes. Depending on the size of the organization, one or two people can manage all user roles (or, to meet the needs of large corporations, the addition of users with no practical limit to scale).  Generally, an individual in Human Resources assumes the role of analyst and investigator.  Using the integrated and legally compliant workflow, the analyst and investigator’s workload is streamlined and efficient.  ClearForce pre-defines risk policies that can be adjusted and dialed up or down based on specific employee roles and a desired level of alerting within the organization.

ClearForce Can Reduce Operational Costs

In many organizations, there is no centralized database containing automated, whistle blower, peer and self-reported alerts.  By keeping external and internal behavioral alerts and incidents centralized, the effort needed to research past complaints, respond to legal questions, and report on trends is significantly reduced.  In many organizations, there is no standard workflow for managing HR violations.  Since ClearForce enforces an automated, standard, legally compliant workflow, leadership spends less time managing ad-hoc responses to personnel issues that arise.

Protect the Company While Also Protecting the Employee

ClearForce protects against reputational and legal risk.  ClearForce goes above and beyond with quality data underlying the alerts, with analytics that aid in prioritizing investigations, and with the consistent, predicable, transparent and compliant workflow. It provides intangible savings from reduced attrition and safer work environment; is a solution that requires minimal resources to manage, and for many business owners, provides priceless peace of mind.

ClearForce is ready now to provide 24/7-365 continuous insider risk monitoring