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Criminal Alerts Position Paper

Posted on: February 1, 2017

Criminal Alerts Overview

Criminal Alerts in ClearForce™ are designed to identify actual or alleged unlawful activity, including arrests and bookings.  The purpose of these alerts is not to encourage adverse action against employees before judgement, but rather to provide the most timely information required to determine if an employee represents a risk to the enterprise.  This can include employees or contractors who may put organizational resources at risk – for example, a company driver arrested for DUI or a financial manager accused of fraud.  ClearForce treats criminal alerts as leading indicators enabling an organization to proactively identify and take appropriate actions to mitigate risk and prevent financial and other crimes from occurring.  This informed action benefits the employee base and the organization.

Criminal Opportunity and Willingness

Intentional crime such as fraud, theft, embezzlement or cybercrime requires opportunity and willingness.  Traditional cybersecurity technology addresses opportunity through the evaluation of user behavior, such as website tracking, email key words, or number of documents downloaded.

During the hiring process, an applicant’s willingness to commit a crime are evaluated through the interview process and often a background investigation covering trustworthiness and integrity.  After hire, most organizations assume consistency of conduct, but in today’s world this is not a safe assumption.  Within months, external events can alter the way in which an employee behaves and how they view their job, employer and colleagues.

Most companies track criminal opportunity, but not willingness.  ClearForce fills this gap.  The application identifies criminal activity in near-real time inside and outside the workplace as a significant leading indicator of risk.  Companies that use ClearForce proactive alerts find they can manage and limit employees’ ability to damage corporate reputation and financial viability through criminal misconduct – and often return the employee to productivity.


Data Pedigree

ClearForce arrest data is gathered through direct connections to thousands of the nation’s network of state, county and local law enforcement agencies and incarceration facilities, encompassing the vast majority of the US population.  Because the information is pulled directly from the agency’s own computer system, it is as timely and accurate as the original source data.

Proactive Employee Retention

There is a history of regulation and case law that defines the types of information that can be used to take adverse action against an employee.  ClearForce operates as a CRA and provides a legally compliant workflow, including Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) law, to adjudicate risk.

ClearForce alerts can be used to take proactive measures such as counseling, to retain dedicated and skilled employees.  When necessary, adverse action can be taken in a legally compliant manner using a workflow developed in consultation with the law firm of Littler Mendelson.


Proactive Employee Retention

ClearForce can be your insurance policy against reputational and customer risk. It provides intangible savings from reduced attrition and safer work environment; is a solution that requires minimal resources to manage, and for many business owners, provides priceless peace of mind.