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Government and Government Contractor Position Paper

Posted on: January 26, 2017

As a Government contractor, your employees are your most important corporate resource, and can be your greatest source of business, customer and reputational risk. You can reduce these risks by proactively identifying and remediating leading indicators of insider crime or other negative activity. Be informed in real-time of your workforce challenges to allow you to resolve the issues before the Government recognizes there is a problem.

Examples of how ClearForce removes the concern of employees harming your projects and your business.

A cleared employee experiencing financial difficulty is unable to pay their credit card bills. ClearForce alerts on the credit deterioration at 30 and 60 days. After a 90-day delinquency alert is received, the ClearForce reviewer initiates our patented workflow. This includes discreet discussions with the employee and his manager. The employee is informed of options and agrees to credit counselling and training, allowing the company to keep a valued employee who might otherwise spiral deeper into debt to the point where he becomes a risk to the project and the company.

A longtime employee, working full time onsite at a military facility, who for the most part is unsupervised by your company, commits a crime away from work. ClearForce generates an automated alert to one of your management team assigned a role in the workflow via a real-time notification of booking. This alert initiates our legally complaint workflow. Embedded in the workflow are a series of checks and balances to ensure nonbiased review of the salient facts. Additionally, there are safety options that can immediately reduce risk while leadership reaches an informed decision. After completing the workflow, the company decides on temporary reassignment in a non-contact position as the best outcome for all. This provides needed time to resolve the issues, and two weeks later, he returns to the client site with no one missing a beat.

A once-trusted employee decides to sell sensitive Government records in exchange for cash. ClearForce alerts on the payoff of an unsecured loan, raising questions about the source of funds. After a legally compliant mini-investigation and interview with the employee, the case is referred to the Government for possible prosecution. The employee is immediately removed from access to government records.

Protect your company from these and many other potentially disastrous events.

Employees don’t normally decide one day to commit crime in the workplace – there are usually leading behavioral indicators that today go unseen. Whether driven by financial or legal issues employees often look for ways to address the stressors themselves. These “hidden” challenges can manifest themselves in the workplace with no warning.

ClearForce’s automated solution proactively alerts on employee risks, heading off potential damage to the enterprise through early intervention. The application delivers near-real time notification of legal or financial behavior that needs to be addressed, whether on or off the customer site. This provides management time to examine and intervene before the issue changes from a risk to a threat and becomes a real emergency.

The added benefit of DSS audit compliance.

ClearForce out of the box meets all requirements of the latest NISPOM change-2 mandate for an insider threat program that gathers, integrates and reports on information indicative of a potential or actual insider threat. ClearForce also supports self- and peer-reporting, along with foreign travel tracking. ClearForce integrates with your company’s current cyber, HR, internal security and legal processes to support both a defensive and offensive approach to risk and cost reduction.

ClearForce is ready now to provide 24/7-365 continuous insider risk monitoring.

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