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Sports League Continuous Background Checking

Posted on: February 10, 2017

ClearForce offers continuous evaluation of coaches, volunteers and educators who interact with children

Background Investigations Prior to Assignment

Sports leagues of all types run background checks to verify that applicants are who they claim to be and aren’t wanted for any type of crime.  Background checks also make certain that staff and volunteers have not had prior problems working with children or adults, whether same sex or opposite sex.

Once an individual is checked, most leagues assume consistency of conduct, but in today’s world this is no longer a safe assumption.  Leagues and their sponsors depend heavily on loyalty and ethics of the individuals.  If a follow-on background check is performed, there is usually a gap of at least a year – at best.  And if an incident occurs, the information is often handled in an ad hoc reporting process, and handled as an exception involving significant resources and expense.

The Value of Proactive Monitoring

Criminal activity off the field is a significant leading indicator of risk in working and interacting with children. League managers who fail to evaluate staff and volunteers on an ongoing basis are abdicating their role in protecting the community.

Sports leagues with access to timely proactive alerts can better manage and limit the opportunity and willingness of staff and volunteers to damage league reputation and financial viability through criminal misconduct.

How ClearForce Helps

ClearForce offers an automated continuous monitoring solution that proactively alerts on potential staff or volunteer risks. The application delivers almost instant notification of criminal arrests. This gives your leadership time to investigate and intervene – whether the response is remediation and counseling or removing and replacing personnel.

Once identified, ClearForce integrates a legally compliance workflow to securely manage policies and processes and insure a transparent standard of care for the review of individuals who may pose a risk to the league.  In conducting a mini investigation using ClearForce’s integral workflow, the organization gathers the information needed to document the risk and build a case for recommended action.

Peer and Self Reporting

ClearForce supports both peer and self-reporting of any type of event or compliant that is filed.  The information is stored in a single database, along with other information in the system to maintain a consistent and archived database of alerts even when volunteer management may experience high turnover.  Once a reported incident in entered into ClearForce, the legally compliant workflow can be used to conduct an investigation and arrive at a recommended action.

Protect the Company While Also Protecting the Employee

ClearForce is your insurance policy against reputational and legal risk.  Because our solution is fully integrated and automated – it is easy to deploy, offered as a secure cloud based solution, and requires limited resources to manage.