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Ensure a Culture of Trust Within Your Workforce
Why ClearForce?

Behind the façade, employees struggle with personal and financial stress.

Stress comes to the workplace in the form of a distracted worker making inadvertent mistakes that creates risk for the organization, or an employee vulnerable to exploitation from outsiders aware of their issues, or susceptible to commit crimes inside the workplace.

ClearForce delivers leading indicators of stress through event-based alerts of employee misconduct and high risk behavior occurring outside the workplace.

ClearForce operates with 100% employee consent so organizations can partner with their employees to solve the shared objectives of reducing risk while providing full legal compliance and eliminating bias through transparency and fairness.

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Legally Compliant WorkFlow

  • 100% Employee Consent
  • Eliminate Bias
  • EEOC and FCRA Compliance
  • Centralized, Archived Adjudication
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Continual Post Hire Alerts

  • 24/7 Event Based Alerts
  • High Risk Behavior Outside Workplace
  • Complements Pre-Hire Checks
  • Configurable Role Specific Policy
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No Servers to Buy, No Software to Maintain, Same Day Deployment

Financial Impact to Your Organization
  •           Cost of Workplace Crime

         Cyber Crime

           $111 Billion Per Year
           50%+ Attributed to Employees

         Fraud and Theft

           $870B estimated yearly cost
           61% of losses involve managers
           & senior executives

         Workplace Violence

           $202B estimated lost productivity

  •    Cost of Stress in the Workplace

    Stress related illness costs businesses $200B to $300B each year in lost productivity

    $15,000 annual cost per employee

    $7,000 per employee/year lost productivity

    40% of turnover due to stress

    60%-80% of workplace accidents stress-related

    $29,000 per workplace accident

        Health Advocate inc. : Stress in the Workplace