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24/7 Employee Risk Management

Risk Management Shouldn’t Stop at Time of Hire

For most organizations, employee risk management represents a pre-hire background check. Once cleared, an employee or contractor joins the company and is entrusted with company proprietary information, physical and system access. But they also learn about system flaws or potential security gaps. Often, the only ongoing employee risk management programs consist of monitoring internal network activity and email use. The problem with this approach? Employee behavior is not tracked outside of the organization. After business hours, your employee may be participating in risky activities. And these activities may later expose the organization to substantial risk.

ClearForce offers a workforce assurance and employee risk management platform that protects organizations and employees from workplace crime through continuous monitoring of risky behavior. ClearForce delivers real-time, event-based alerts of employee misconduct and high-risk behavior occurring outside the workplace that may present a level of risk to an organization, its employees, or its customers.

Integrated Departmental Functions Save Time & Money

ClearForce ResolveTM is the only cross-departmental platform that enables HR, Security and Legal to work together in a single, centralized environment—investigative work is streamlined and efficient.  All external and internal behavioral alerts, incident reports and complaints are centrally captured, archived, and adjudicated within the Resolve system. Resources previously needed to aggregate, research and match data points can now be redirected.

Why ClearForce?

Behind a professional exterior, many employees struggle with personal and financial pressure or stress.

When under stress, a distracted worker may make inadvertent mistakes that create financial risk for the organization. Or an employee under pressure may be vulnerable to exploitation from outsiders aware of their issues. Under these conditions an employee may be susceptible to commit crimes inside the workplace.

ClearForce curtails organization risk from inappropriate or illegal employee actions. The leading indicators of stress are uncovered through real-time, event-based alerts of employee misconduct and high-risk behavior occurring outside the workplace. ClearForce protects the business, employees and customers.

Organizations can partner with their employees to reduce risk, while providing full legal compliance and eliminating bias through transparency and fairness.

Legally Compliant WorkFlow

  • Initial Anonymity
  • Eliminate Bias
  • EEOC and FCRA Compliance
  • Centralized, Archived Adjudication

Continual Post-Hire Alerts

  • 24/7 Event-Based Alerts
  • High-Risk Behavior Outside Workplace
  • Complements Pre-Hire Checks
  • Configurable Role-Specific Policy

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No Servers to Buy, No Software to Maintain, Same-day Deployment

Financial Impact to Your Organization

Cost of Workplace Crime

Cyber Crime

  • $111 Billion Per Year
  • 50%+ Attributed to Employees

Fraud and Theft

  • $870B estimated yearly cost
  • 61% of losses involve managers & senior executives

Workplace Violence

  • $202B estimated lost productivity
  • 48% of employees have experienced workplace violence.



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Cost of Stress in the Workplace

  • $200B to $300B each year in lost productivity for stress-related illness.
  • $15,000 annual cost per employee.
  • $7,000 per employee/year lost productivity.
  • 40% of turnover due to stress.
  • 60%-80% of workplace accidents stress-related.
  • $29,000 per workplace accident.
  • 1 out of 6 US workers say financial stress negatively impacts their work.

  • 39% of CEOs that departed in 2018 left for unethical behavior stemming from allegations of sexual misconduct, fraud, bribery, and insider training.



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