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ClearForce helps organizations and it's people maintain safety, trust, and productivity

The Problem

Hidden Pressure and Stress

Discover then Manage with ClearForce – Pressure and stress are precursors to organizational violence, harassment, fraud, and even suicide. ClearForce helps leaders uncover warning signs; protect privacy and anonymity; eliminate bias, favoritism and targeting; and create a culture of caring and trust.

Use Cases

Where ClearForce can help

Safety & Reputation

Violent crime, felony crime sex offenders, sanctions, publicly posted threats.


Internal employee, customer, & government fraud and abuse.

Suicide Prevention

Public health pressure and stress and negative coping mechanisms.

Identity Verification

Mitigate identify fraud and synthetic identity risk through biometric evaluation.
Toxic Behavior Logo

Toxic Behavior

Harassment, bullying and intimidation that destroys organizational culture.
Insider Threat Logo

Insider Threat

Susceptible to theft, vulnerable to exploitation, or distracted and prone to mistakes.

Our Solution

The Resolve™ Platform

A Fully-Automated Platform rooted in Consent, Anonymity and Compliance. The ClearForce Resolve™ platform helps leaders overcome the regulatory hurdles that keeps external behavioral data from being actionable. It does not search or scrape, but captures patterns of compounding pressure often identified in financial, criminal, and internal incident reports, and presents all of that data in one centralized location that is capable of crossing multiple departments of interest.

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