Criminal activity is a key consideration when evaluating the risk of potential of employees, contractors, vendors, and partners. Many employers evaluate criminal history as part of the pre-hire process, but rarely re-evaluate the same criteria post-hire. ClearForce provides the ability to notify organizations of criminal activity in real-time, providing a continuous corporate risk mitigation platform. Most criminal background checks focus on criminal conviction records. Awareness of convictions, while valuable, often creates a significant gap in risk due to the time delay between the original arrest, subsequent conviction, the posting of the conviction to public criminal databases, and most significantly, the timing to initiate the search. ClearForce eliminates this gap in risk with real-time notifications of criminal arrest as the earliest indicator of criminal misconduct. ClearForce recently engaged in a data analysis project with a Fortune 500 enterprise organization evaluating the value of criminal arrest notification. This whitepaper recaps the results observed during the analysis.