Employees don’t wake up one day and decide to commit the crime in the workplace – there are almost always leading behavioral indicators simply unseen by the company. Whether driven by financial or personal issues, employees often look for ways to address their stressors themselves. These “hidden” challenges can manifest themselves in the workplace with no warning.

For the casino and gaming industry the risk of financial theft and fraud is pervasive across every job role; from security to hotel services, from the casino floor to the accounting department, maintenance to valet parking. Based on the magnitude and breadth of risk, the gaming industry continues to operate as a recognized leader in physical, financial and information security.

As an example, pre-employment background checks are consistently used to ensure new hires do not have a history of negative behavior that could adversely impact their ability to do their job, jeopardize the safety of other employees, or introduce significant business risk. However, once a hiring decision is made, rarely are background checks renewed, or at best re-checked on an infrequent, static, scheduled basis. Monitoring of employee behavior is limited to physical security and their use of technology within the workplace. The same behaviors that would have disqualified someone prior to hiring may be occurring during their time of employment, and most casinos are never aware.

The ClearForce Advantage

ClearForce is a patent-pending employee risk management solution that helps organizations eliminate insider risk and ensure a culture of trust within their workforce by striking the balance between security and privacy.

ClearForce delivers event-based alerts of employee misconduct and high-risk behavior that occurs outside the workplace to identify employees under financial and personal stress who can become vulnerable to exploitation, susceptible to commit crime or distracted in their job and inadvertently making mistakes that create risk for the organization. ClearForce allows for early informed intervention by the organization with training, counseling and guidance that in many cases will solve an employee problem before it escalates.  Since each job role within a casino represents a different level and type of risk to the organization, all alert sources and policy can be configured down to job role and geography to appropriately manage risk. ClearForce operates as a credit reporting agency with 100% employee consent and provides a legally compliant workflow for organizations to take consistent, appropriate actions to protect the employee and the organization.

Financial Alerts 

ClearForce delivers event-based alerts of leading indicators of financial stress and abnormal financial activity. Personal financial stress that remains unseen by company leadership can fester until the individual decides to take negative action in the workplace. As an example, the rapid acceleration of debt, monthly payments exceeding income, or defaulting on a mortgage can all lead to high levels of personal financial stress. Conversely, the rapid repayment of debt may also indicate risk. By enabling early identification of financial deterioration or abnormal behavior, company leadership can intercede and prevent the employee from slipping into unrecoverable financial stress. Proactive engagement can save the individual and organization from unnecessary negative outcomes.

Crime and Misconduct

ClearForce automates delivery of 24/7 real-time alerts of illegal or illicit behavior. Based on organizational requirements, these alerts may range from employees identified on various federal, state and industry wanted, watch and sanction lists to alerts of criminal arrest and conviction.

Legally Compliant Workflow

Once a risk is identified, ClearForce provides an operationally efficient, EEOC and FCRA compliant and bias-free workflow that enables company leadership to take appropriate action based upon externally sourced behavioral alerts. ClearForce operates with full employee consent and policies are configurable at the individual job or role level. ClearForce ensures a non-judgmental, policy-driven, standard process with pathways for the employee to review, correct or challenge inaccurate or incomplete information. ClearForce’s role-based architecture connects critical organizational functions and automates checks and balances. To provide initial anonymity and protect against personal bias or favoritism, new alerts are presented based on employee role, not their name.

Self and Peer Reporting Portal

Additionally, ClearForce offers an optional portal to enable employees to securely submit self or peer reports of illegal or inappropriate behavior within the workplace, including the ability to submit anonymous whistle blower reports. All external and internal behavioral alerts, incident reports and complaints are centrally captured, archived, and adjudicated within the ClearForce system. Therefore, resources needed to research past complaints, respond to legal or regulatory questions, and report on trends are significantly reduced.

About ClearForce

ClearForce is headquartered in Vienna, VA and delivers innovation to the employee risk management market. Our mission is to eliminate insider risk by informing organizations of the early signs of employee misconduct and stress, enabling proactive and legally complaint actions to mitigate risk.