Former Certegy Check Services employee William Sullivan plead guilty to stealing 8.4 million consumer records over a 5-year span. 5.6 million of these records contained bank information and 1.5 million records had consumer credit card information. Sullivan sold the consumer records to direct marketers for more than $580,000. Sullivan claims he was coerced by co-conspirator because his wife was not working and he had no 401K.

Organization impacts were massive. Certegy had to paid $3.2 million dollars to notify affected customers. In addition, 7 class action lawsuits resulted from Sullivan’s actions. Sullivan was ordered in US District Court to pay $4M in restitution.

ClearForce could have generated financial alerts based upon the rapid reduction in debt from illegally sourced funds. Additionally, with a better understanding of leading indicators of Sullivan’s financial stress, Certegy may have addressed financial wellness with financial advising for budgeting and retirement savings.