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ClearForce Features

9 - Groundbreaking Soluiton - ClearForce Features

Integrated holistic view of the employee

Unlike current solutions, ClearForce provides an enterprise–wide view in one central platform that shows external alerts from third party data and internal notifications from HR, IT, and incident/self reporting. Auditable and traceable results are transparent, yet secure and private.

ClearForce integrates newly available information sources containing financial alerts and real-time arrest records from 3,500 state, county and local jurisdictions. These proprietary and 3rd party data feeds are used to generate accurate configurable multi-factor assessment scores that allow security investigators to connect the dots and proactively reveal insider risks otherwise not evident.

Because ClearForce provides enterprise data fusion, the application supports identifying insiders before they decide or have time to act; offers continuous monitoring of employee conduct; and provides a holistic picture of behavior.

Continuous automated assessment

If an employee, contractor or vendor is arrested anywhere in the United States (with a few minor geographical exceptions) ClearForce finds it in almost real time. ClearForce also monitors changes to financial information based on baseline data, and more broadly a profusion of data sources and data analytics to mitigate risk.

Flexible, compliant workflow

ClearForce includes a standard pre-defined workflow to address each type of insider risk. These workflows have been endorsed by leading HR/employment law firms to ensure compliance and minimize legal issues. The application’s compliance features meet the highest standard of legal care and can be expected to become the standard by which corporate management of insider risks are evaluated. Please note that employee, contractor or vendor consent, usually requested at the start of work effort, is required to take action on information provided by ClearForce.

Meets all requirements for new Federal insider threat mandates

The Department of Defense (DoD) Defense Security Service (DSS) is expected to issue new regulations before the end of the calendar year that will apply to all cleared defense contractors.

The regulations, based on draft requirements will mandate that all federal contractors possessing a facility clearance or employing cleared personnel incorporate insider threat based technologies and processes in order to be able to maintain their current ability to hold clearances.

Language will be issued between now and the end of this year stipulating and further defining the requirement with the corresponding obligation that all facilities need to be compliant within 6 months of the adoption/posting of the regulation.

Based on preliminary discussions with DSS, the use of ClearForce will fully meet the need for insider threat analytic response capability.