ClearForce will provide education on how to mitigate risky behavior and minimize employee turnover

Vienna, VA — June 10, 2019 — Identifying and managing employee misconduct and high-risk activities is a top priority for high-performing businesses, but the differing mandates of the HR, Legal and Business teams can bring those groups into conflict. To explore this issue, ClearForce is hosting an online panel discussion from 1-2 p.m. ET (10-11 a.m. PT) on June 19, covering early employee risk detection.

Featured speakers include:

  • Lt. Gen. Gina Grosso, USAF Retired, Director of Air Force Sexual Assault Prevention and Response
  • Joe Harkins, Litigation Attorney, Littler Mendelson
  • Steve Millovich, Former SVP of Human Resources, The Walt Disney Company, Honeywell, and PepsiCo.

“While a company may strive to engage their workforce, retain talent, and increase productivity, sometimes legal requirements such as privacy and labor law restrictions present a challenge for HR to act in an expedient manner and respond to risk,” said Tom Miller, CEO of ClearForce. “This webinar will explore various perspectives on this issue and present actionable solutions.”

Potentially risky behavior is defined as any verbal or physical act that is malicious, negligent, or violates laws, regulations, or corporate policies. Businesses that identify employee risk often see decreased absenteeism, decreased turnover, increased productivity, higher profits, and improved customer satisfaction.

The quick, consistent, and legal discovery of risky behavior can help protect the organization from significant financial loss. Often, employee misconduct is expensive—an average of $500 billion is lost each year to workplace crime—but companies can save and make more money by reacting and responding appropriately.

“To maintain a physically and emotionally safe workplace, it’s important to identify insider risk as soon as possible,” said Miller. “ClearForce’s automated, continuous monitoring system can help organizations do that efficiently.”

The panel discussion is available at:

For more information about identifying risky patterns of behavior or real-time misconduct alerts, visit

ClearForce’s mission is to create a safe and secure work environment for organizations in the public and private sector. Leveraging their expertise in risk management, analytics and compliance, ClearForce helps companies reduce risk and protect themselves against legal action by deploying a configurable, role-based, 24/7 workplace assurance program that combines real-time criminal activity alerts and high-risk behaviors outside of the office with compliant adjudication. ClearForce is headquartered in Vienna, VA. For more information visit

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