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Information Security

The approach most companies take to insider risk is to play traditional defense by erecting technological walls, alarms, and electronic minefields. The facts show that we can no longer afford to simply beat back attacks and data breeches.Despite our best efforts, the reality is that breeches are inevitable. Adversaries patiently and persistently find ways to get under and around the wire. Further, a 2015 Verizon report on cybersecurity finds that data breech discovery often takes ‘weeks or months’. Overwhelmingly, the breech is identified by a third party and reported to leadership.

ClearForce is the first application to support cyber resiliency, the ability to evaluate cyber risks, anticipate cyber threats and take action to address employee, vendor or contractor vulnerability before a risk turns into a threat or an unfortunate criminal event. The implementation of applications that provide cyber resiliency exemplify the future of cybersecurity, which is proactive, holistic, continuous and actionable.

Note that Cyber resilience requires more than just the implementation of new technology. ClearForce should be part of broader corporate security risk management, including awareness at the CEO and board level, implementation of best practices, and a strategy that balances security costs versus benefits.