ClearForce is proud to sponsor a webinar series addressing insider risk issues for Government and Government Contractor communities.  Click on the Contact Us button to obtain an invitation.

The first webinar, at 11:00 AM on Tuesday February 14th 2017, addresses the adjudicative guidelines used to determine eligibility for a security clearance. The newly-created National Background Investigations Bureau (NBIB) is now the first line of defense against insider threats and presents a changing perspective on the existing guidelines.

The webinar will help you understand the clearance process and federal investigative standards; available data sets that provide a comprehensive view of individuals; proactive mitigation of insider risk through continuous and automated monitoring; and recognizing indicators associated with increased stress and risk of insider action.

2017-01-25 12_24_42-New insider threat mandates are coming

We hope you will join us for this and future events.

For more, please click here, or use the Contact Us button to obtain an invitation.