About ClearForce

Headquartered in Vienna, VA, ClearForce leverages our expertise in risk management, analytics and compliance to bring innovative technology solutions to our customers. Our mission is to create a safe and secure work environment for organizations in the public and private sector.

A work environment that protects employees, customers, and all aspects of shareholder value by developing and maintaining a trusted workforce. A work environment compliant and respectful of employees’ privacy and civil liberties. A work environment demonstrating the highest qualities of leadership by proactively addressing problems before they escalate.

Board of Directors

Our team brings decades of domain expertise in the areas of cyber security, secure infrastructure, risk management, and predictive analytics. Our experience spans government and commercial industry applications, including United States Armed Forces, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, US Intelligence Agencies, as well as leading US and global financial services, energy, and healthcare companies.

Advisory Board

Our team brings decades of subject matter expertise from the public and private sectors in the areas of cyber security, secure infrastructure, risk management, predictive analytics, personnel management, human resources, and mental health and wellness.


National Defense Industrial Association

The Insider Threat Alliance

Member of National Association of Professional Background Screeners

Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Association