Anna Cotton

Anna Cotton is the founder of SLG Solutions and serves on boards for a cybersecurity company and an intelligence-services company. She also advises global manufacturing and technology companies. Cotton served as the Deputy General Counsel of the National Reconnaissance Office, which procures and launches intelligence satellites for the U.S. Government. She was also Assistant General Counsel at the Central Intelligence Agency, where she managed complex litigation, including litigation arising from the 2011 raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. During her career, she has led insider-threat initiatives, assisted internal investigations, and conducted security-clearance reviews, among other matters. As a former federal prosecutor, she prosecuted criminal cases and conducted multiple jury and bench trials. Cotton has a JD from the Cardozo School of Law and a BA from Pepperdine University.

Board of Directors

Our team brings decades of domain expertise in the areas of cyber security, secure infrastructure, risk management, and predictive analytics. Our experience spans government and commercial industry applications, including United States Armed Forces, Department of Defense, Homeland Security, US Intelligence Agencies, as well as leading US and global financial services, energy, and healthcare companies.

Advisory Board

Our team brings decades of subject matter expertise from the public and private sectors in the areas of cyber security, secure infrastructure, risk management, predictive analytics, personnel management, human resources, and mental health and wellness.