Financial Services

In addition to safeguarding capital, customer accounts and investment, banks and financial services firms’ most valuable corporate assets reside in the intellectual property associated with their risk management, underwriting, advisor strategies, payment networks and merchant services. Competition is fierce within the financial services market space and this makes the protection of intellectual property an extremely critical priority. Unfortunately, employees can be compromised into knowingly, or unknowingly, leaking key intellectual assets to outside parties. ClearForce proactively and compliantly provides real-time alerts of employee behavior that indicate leading indicators of nefarious behavior, enabling financial services firms to protect all critical assets.

In addition, regulatory compliance is federally mandated and punishable by fine if not properly administered for many roles within the financial services industry. Financial services firms can eliminate ongoing annual cost and oversight risk associated with monitoring of financial and criminal activity checks for FINRA, SAFE Act and Reg. Z, FDIC Section 19 and 205 of the Federal Credit Union Act federal requirements.

Government Contractors

ClearForce conforms to the DoD – NISPOM regulations. Per the NISPOM, Defense Security Service (DSS) require that all entities possessing a facility clearance/cleared personnel shall incorporate insider threat–based technologies and processes to maintain their current ability to hold clearances. The four referenced processes are:

  • Designate Insider Threat Program Manager
  • Provide Employee Insider Threat Training Within First 30 Days
  • Institute Classified Network User Monitoring
  • Build and maintain an insider threat analytic response capability to manually and/or electronically gather, integrate, review, assess, and respond to information derived from CI, IA, security/law enforcement, [human resources], and other sources.

ClearForce complies to the Insider Threat Analytic Response Requirement and addresses the 13 adjudicative guidelines for a Federal Security clearance. The system pulls high-quality data from financial and legal information providers, matches it to internal HR data, generates alerts when an employee exceeds a baseline value, and offers a legally compliant workflow to investigate the alert and a centralized data repository.

(For more information on this, please see the Defense Security Service’s Conforming Change 2 to DoD 5220.22-M, National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM) and an accompanying Industrial Security Letter that were released on May 18, 2016.)


Airports and airlines continue to face risks from an employee or contractor who has been granted unescorted access behind the security perimeter and is allowed to move unrestricted within the secure areas. A stressed or compromised worker can use their access to commit a crime or worse an act of terrorism.

Employee background checks are not enough. Worker stress is often hidden from management’s view until they manifest in workplace violence, harassment or with the mistakes of a distracted worker. This can place airline workers, passengers and the airlines at risk. ClearForce addresses the insider risk problem by providing continual scans and alerts to management when an employee’s high-risk behavior is uncovered. This early warning gives airlines and airports an advantage over pre-employment background checks, and random background re-checks, which might not detect risk indicators.


Healthcare organizations and providers are coming under increased threat that inside access to patient health records, controlled pharmaceuticals or billing systems will result in theft or fraud. To confront this increasing risk, much of the focus has been on cyber monitoring and increased background checks. While addressing both has a part in reducing the risk, there remains a significant gap that is unaddressed. ClearForce is unique in its approach to close this gap by providing continuous behavioral monitoring supported by a legally complaint workflow.


Insurance companies and their commercial customers often perform pre-employment background checks to screen candidates and identify negative behavior that could adversely impact their ability to do the job, jeopardize the safety of other employees, or introduce significant business risk. Once hired, rarely are background checks renewed and monitoring of employee behavior is usually limited to their use of technology within the workplace. The same behaviors which may have disqualified someone prior to hiring may occur during employment and most businesses are never aware.

ClearForce solves both challenges by going beyond traditional static point-in-time screening by enabling continuous event-based alerting of high-risk behavior in and outside the organization. Rather than inefficiently investigating common activity to find suspicious behavior, ClearForce delivers company-defined, event-based alerts of high-risk behavior.

Public Venues

Today’s public venues, stadiums and amusement parks are acutely aware they present an inviting target for malicious actors to inflict great harm and casualty to our nation’s unsuspecting public. Evidenced by the recent attacks overseas, international terrorist organizations, their affiliates, and “lone wolf” sympathizers view public events and venues as vulnerable, “soft targets” of opportunity.

One of the less obvious and most challenging of threats are the many employees and contractors who have internal access inside the organizational perimeter.

ClearForce addresses the human element of this institutional security vulnerability by identifying early indicators of personal and financial stress through real-time, event-based alerts of criminal arrest, unusual changes in financials and other high-risk behavioral alerts based on organizational requirements and risk.

Casino & Gaming

In casinos and the gaming industry, risk is part of the environment. Because of the easy access to money, the risk of financial theft and fraud is pervasive across every job role. Temptation and risk is pervasive from security to hotel services, from the casino floor to the accounting department, to maintenance and down to valet parking. As a result, casinos and gaming are recognized leaders in physical, financial and information security.

Employee background checks are consistently used to ensure new hires do not have a history of negative behavior that could adversely impact their ability to do their job, jeopardize the safety of other employees, or introduce significant business risk. ClearForce addresses this ongoing monitoring gap that casinos and gaming companies face by providing real-time, event-driven alerts of employee risky behavior. Employee monitoring is constant and consistent, designed to protect all aspects of the business, the guests and visitors and other employees. 

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