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ClearForce is a Founding Member of the US Chamber of Commerce Cybersecurity Council

The US Chamber of Commerce sponsors the exclusive and highly successful Cybersecurity Council, designed to provide advice and guidance to the Chamber and its membership.  ClearForce takes its place as one of only two technology companies alongside Boeing, Citicorp, the American Petroleum Institute and other
corporate icons.

ClearForce Influences the Industry.  Through the Cybersecurity Council, ClearForce participates in regular engagement sessions with senior leadership of the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security, Justice and Commerce by providing guidance on cybersecurity rules and regulations.  For example, we worked closely with the National Institute for Standards and Technology in the development and publication of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

ClearForce supports the National Cybersecurity Campaign.  The campaign brings support to businesses of all sizes in many cities around the country, including Chicago, Dallas, and Las Vegas.  The campaign culminates with an annual Cybersecurity Summit in Washington DC featuring senior Members of Congress, the administration, business community, and international experts.

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ClearForce sponsors the Annual Cybersecurity Summit. ClearForce has been a proud sponsor of the Chamber Cybersecurity Summit since its founding, most recently sponsoring remarks by Gen James L. Jones (USMC, Ret.), a respected former National Security Advisor, NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Marine Corps Commandant. Gen Jones is a member of the ClearForce Board.Gen Jones Cyber Security Speech 1