ClearForce Wins Katzcy’s CyberOPSTunity Pitch Competition

RESTON, Va., April 26, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Katzcy Consulting, along with event co-host Standish Cyber Corporation, is pleased to announce ClearForce as the winner of its 2018 CyberOPSTunity pitch competition, a breakfast event held last week in San Francisco during RSA. ClearForce, an insider risk-management solutions provider based in Vienna, Virginia, won both the judges’ and audience vote.

The pitch competition gave participants an opportunity to present their sales pitch to a panel of investors and the event attendees. The pitching company representatives delivered their messages in rapid-fire succession while the judges and audience members entered their scores through a mobile app.

“Early stage start-ups seeking to raise awareness, sign new clients, and find funding always appreciate the opportunity to test their message,” said Katzcy CEO Jessica Gulick. “The CyberOPSTunity event was structured to provide them real-time feedback from their peers, their prospective customers, and investors who are always seeking their next opportunity to help innovative firms grow.”

“Our mission is to pair technology start-ups who need expert help and money with those individuals who can bring them one or the other or both,” said Standish Cyber Corporation CEO Mary Beth Borgwing. “This event brought camaraderie with just a touch of competition that we have found accelerate relationships.”

The event winner, ClearForce CEO Tom Miller, agrees: “Employees can be an organization’s most valued asset and biggest risk. ClearForce goes beyond pre-hire screenings to provide continuous alerting of employee misconduct and high-risk behavior—reducing significant business risk. The CyberOPSTunity pitch event was the perfect opportunity for us to raise awareness of our company and mission in front of an audience of investors, peers, and clients.”

Other companies pitching include:

Interfocus Technologies, an endpoint management and security solutions provider

King & Union, a cybersecurity analysis collaboration platform

Hideez, a single digital key with RFID, a hardware 2FA, and a password manager

UniqueID, a decentralized platform providing digital keys via Blockchain to secure devices

Special thank you to our sponsors Interfocus Technologies and King & Union.

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