Mr. Kevin Mallory, of Leesburg Virginia and former US government employee, is looking at possible life in prison, if convicted, following charges of gathering/ delivering defense information to aid a foreign government.

In 2012, he began running his own consulting firm, GlobalEx LLC, ending a 20-year government intelligence career. Mallory held a Top-Secret clearance due to his employment at the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, United States Department of State, and the United States Army.

With little success in his own firm he fell three months behind on his mortgage and was drowning in debt. February 2017, Mallory was contacted on social media by two people- one posing as a recruiter, and the other posing as a think-tank employee and prospective client for GlobalEx LLC. Later, discovered to be a Chinese headhunter and agent of the People’s Republic of China Intelligence Service (PRCIS).

ClearForce could have generated financial alerts based upon the increasing debt and mortgage delinquency prior to them being released in public records. This would have enabled early mitigation, including but not limited to financial support, counseling, added oversight or restriction to access.