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Insider Risk

Insider threats are a major component of cyber risk and workplace crime. Research indicates that more than half of corporate losses from cyber threats involve insiders who initiate or participate in these crimes.  Insider crime can also include fraud, theft of real or intellectual property, as well as workplace violence.

Simply consider the challenges that make a trusted employee vulnerable to blackmail or coercion; a need for money for a family crisis, spiraling debt resulting from an unknown gambling addiction or perhaps a sudden medical emergency or recent divorce, college tuition, elderly care.  Or the employee who was arrested for felony or a pattern of misdemeanor crime that has gone unreported.

Now consider the amount of personal information that is swirling around in public databases or on the Dark Web.  At first glance it might seem harmless and scattered, but in the hands of bad actors they profile and discover who they need to coerce to carry them past your cyber perimeter.

Most of this unseen behavior takes place away from work, which accounts for about 60% of your employee’s activity.  These high-risk behaviors have been proven to drive good employees to take advantage of their inside access for personal gain or to fix a stressful situation through workplace misconduct or crime.