ClearForce Resolve™

Workforce Assurance with
ClearForce Resolve™

More Than Continual Assessment & Alerting —
A Comprehensive Solution to Ensure a Safe & Secure Workplace

With the ClearForce Resolve™ platform, you can:

Engage Employees

Reduce Risk & Liability

Increase Productivity

The Unique Human Element

Unlike other employee risk management solutions, the ClearForce Resolve™ platform incorporates the elements of human behavior and motivation into the decisioning process.

ClearForce Resolve™ is the leading global workforce assurance platform that addresses employee behavior across all enterprise functions, delivering workforce improvement through automated discovery of pressure and stress factors, bullying and harassment, policy and regulatory violations, as well as criminal activity and misconduct.

Integrated Departmental Functions Save Time & Money

ClearForce Resolve™ is the only cross-departmental platform that enables HR, Security, and Legal to work together in a single, centralized environment—investigative work is streamlined and efficient. All external and internal behavioral alerts, incident reports, and complaints are centrally captured, archived, and adjudicated within the ClearForce Resolve™ platform. Resources previously needed to aggregate, research, and match data points can now be redirected.

Higher Profit & Productivity

Organizations that have committed to Workforce Assurance and Engagement have realized:

  • 10% increase in net profit
  • 10% higher customer satisfaction
  • 20% higher productivity
  • 59% lower turnover
  • 41% lower absenteeism

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Customized to Your Organizational Policies & Procedures

ClearForce Resolve™ implements the customer’s predefined policies in a secure cloud-based platform that is 100% configurable and can be adjusted for a desired level of alerting based upon available resources within an investigation team or corporate hierarchy, or for different job roles or positions.

How hard is this to do without automation? In a 2018 employer survey, 88% said they operate under three or more regulatory regimes in addition to their own employee conduct and ethics policy, making applying the proper set of policies to the right population extremely difficult. The ClearForce Resolve™ role-based architecture automates checks and balances to provide initial anonymity and protect against personal bias or favoritism.

Liability Mitigation

ClearForce Resolve reduces liability through an integrated and fully automated EEOC and FCRA compliant engagement workflow across key departments in a single platform, at the same time establishing a fair and equitable process of care for employees through a strictly governed platform that is 100% configurable.

Help Your Employees Be Superstars!

The ClearForce Resolve™ platform, unlike other data alerting systems, provides the unique value of peer and self-reported violations, including anonymous whistle-blower reports, merged with other internal and external event data. The ClearForce Resolve™ platform can be appended with internal log and access control systems and other external criminal and civil court data as appropriate for multi-tiered verification and insight you won’t receive from a siloed solution.

Reduce Your Risk with Continuous Monitoring for Insider Threats.

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