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Continually Protect Your Organization from Insider Risk

Business risks generated by internal employees are on the rise. Organizations need a way to identify and prevent financial or reputational damage that may come from their employees.

ClearForce is a patent-pending, secure cloud-based subscription service. It is simple to deploy and requires minimal resources to manage. With ClearForce, you can add continuous monitoring to your employee risk management program to protect your intellectual property.

Identify Dangerous Activities

Real-Time Risk Management

ClearForce offers a real-time, event-driven employee risk management solution that identifies potential employee risky activities, before financial or reputational damage occurs.

Learn more about how ClearForce can help protect your organization from employee risk and proactively prevent issues that may cause harm.

Protect Against Insider Risk

Fully Compliant Monitoring

ClearForce provides a fully EEOC and FCRA compliant employee risk management solution bringing together financial, criminal and other information sources in one application. It alerts you to potential employee high-risk actions that may impact your business. Since employees have opted in to background checks, there is no violation of privacy.

Real-Time Alerting of High-Risk Behavior

Continually Track Risky Behavior Inside & Outside the Workplace

Arrests & Criminal Activity

Delivers predefined and specific alerts to monitor criminal activity and any addition to national watch lists (e.g., FBI, Sex Offender Registry).

Internal Incident Alerts

Automated and centralized capture of internal incidents of harassment, bullying, and misconduct, via peer, self, and anonymous employee reporting.

Foreign Travel

Satisfies US Government security clearance requirements, through automated capture and centralized retention of self-reporting for foreign travel and foreign contact.

Financial Stress

Alerts sent only when the most severe indicators of financial stress appear, based on a configurable policy of very advanced delinquency within a short period of time.

Social Media Monitoring

Reviews public posts and identifies alerts based on keywords that may be negative to the organization.

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What Does Insider Risk Look Like?

Research indicates that more than half of corporate losses involve insiders who initiate or participate in workplace crimes.  

There are many conditions that make a trusted employee vulnerable to blackmail or coercion. An employee may need money due to a family crisis, face spiraling debt resulting from an unknown gambling addiction, require elderly care, need to pay for college tuition or see expenses increase due to a divorce. Perhaps the employee was arrested for a felony or begins exhibiting a pattern of misdemeanor crime that has gone unreported.

These high-risk behaviors have been proven to drive trusted employees to take advantage of their inside access for personal gain. These stressful situations may result in workplace misconduct or crime.

Reduce Your Risk with Continuous Monitoring for Insider Threats.

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