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Insider Threat Management – Financial Services

Insider Threat is a real and growing risk for banks, brokerages, insurance companies. payment service firms and financial services providers. The liability created by an employee or contractor who has access to financial data, funds transfers or PII/PCI...

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Continuous Driver Risk Evaluation

ClearForce is an innovative workforce assurance solution that immediately identifies driver misconduct or risk and enables companies to take appropriate, legally compliant actions to prevent or remedy issues. The ClearForce solution increases passenger and...

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Soft Targets & Insider Threat

Soft Targets  Today's public venues, stadiums and amusement parks are acutely aware they present an inviting target for malicious actors to inflict great harm and casualty to our nation's unsuspecting public. Evidenced by the recent attacks overseas,...

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Insider Threat Management – Aviation Industry

Insider threat is a real and growing risk for airports and airlines: risk created by an employee or contractor who has been granted unescorted access behind the security perimeter and allowed to move unrestricted within the secure areas. This individual...

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Workforce Assurance – Casino and Gaming Industry

Employees don't wake up one day and decide to commit the crime in the workplace - there are almost always leading behavioral indicators simply unseen by the company. Whether driven by financial or personal issues, employees often look for ways to address...

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Insider Risk in the Insurance Industry

Insider threats from employees and contractors are a major component of cyber risk and workplace crime. Research indicates that more than half of corporate losses from cyber threats involve insiders who initiate or facilitate these crimes. Insurance...

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Insider Risk Monitoring for Counter Intel

Today, most organizations address insider risk prevention by focusing on the cyber domain: building increasingly sophisticated electronic fences around their data, digital assets, and cyber networks. They are also increasing their...

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ClearForce for Government Contractors

As a Government contractor, your employees are your most important corporate resource, and can be your greatest source of business, customer and reputational risk. You can reduce these risks by proactively identifying and remediating leading indicators of...

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ClearForce Case Study – Insider Risk Management

Customer Corporation for the past 15 years has been a leading provider of sophisticated technical services to the military and intelligence community. In September 2016, the company assessed options for responding to a US Government...

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