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Viewpoint: Scour for Signs of ‘Depths of Despair’

What role do business owners play in protecting their employees’ mental health during COVID-19? ClearForce CEO, Tom Miller, shares his insights with Psych Hub’s Chief Clinical Officer, Dr. Keita Franklin, in a new piece for Washington Business Journal. Read the full...

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PPP Borrowers May Be Buried In Spam After Names Are Released

 The Trump administration plans to release information regarding PPP applicants who received loans in excess of $150,000, and business owners should be prepared for a barrage of emails and phone calls, one expert says. Our CEO spoke with Fox Business about potential...

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As PPP Borrowers Become Public, Will They Also Become Targets?

Small business owners attempting to stay afloat during COVID19 shouldn’t have to also worry about their personal information being compromised in the process. ClearForce CEO, Tom Miller, shared his thoughts on potential PPP data scams with Fox Business Network. Read...

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