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ClearForce CEO Interviewed on The Jim Bohannon Show

Why do lenders need affordable, scalable, and quick ways to identify fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loan applicants? Listen the CEO of ClearForce on The Jim Bohannon Show speak on how lenders can avoid tens of millions in misdirected funds.

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The Coming Mental Health Crisis as Remote Working Surges

Wake up. Check your email. Put on a business shirt and whatever pants you have lying around — nobody’s going to see them on Zoom. Prepare for another day of not seeing anybody. It’s a routine that’s become familiar to millions around the world who are suddenly working...

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How to Manage a Team Remotely During This Crisis

If you're a manager who was thrown -- overnight -- into a situation where you and your team now work from home thanks to the coronavirus, your job just got a little harder... and a little weirder. A deadly pandemic, an economic implosion and a new way of working has...

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How a Trusted Employee Becomes a Business Risk

Disengaged, violent, criminal employees are grown - not hired. A once loyal employee can turn into a business risk if you miss red flags and risky behavior. Why continuous discovery - NOT simply relying on a pre-hire background check - is critical to protect employees...

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Coronavirus Phishing Scams Proliferate

It’s no surprise to see hackers taking advantage of the confusion around the coronavirus pandemic to do their worst, including preying on the estimated 75 million people suddenly working from home. But the numbers are nonetheless hair-raising. Read more about the...

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A Wake-Up Call for All Corporate Boards

Corporate boards should not be caught off-guard by cultural problems and behavioral issues within senior management. What happened in 2019 within the executive ranks at several of the most prestigious and storied public companies should serve as a wake-up call to...

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How Better Employee Monitoring Enhances Workplace Safety

At a time when nearly every growing business is facing a shortage of qualified workers, the HR function has never been more important. In the last decade, the country’s unemployment rate has plummeted from approximately 10% to 3.5%. At the same time, the skills gap...

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