On a cold Sunday afternoon in 2015, 62,643 fans gathered at Soldier Field to watch the Chicago Bears vs. Denver Broncos. Monterrey Security Consultants Inc., a contractor for the Chicago Bears, assisted with making sure the venue was safe from security issues. Two employees would violate that trust when they were arrested trying to sell security wristbands to undercover police.

Both individuals arrested Sunday had prior criminal records for drug arrests. One individual had a prior conviction for selling drugs and known gang activity, and neither of the two employees arrested were licensed as security guards.

This security breach, merely nine days after the deadly terrorist attacks in Paris, had the potential to be a massive tragedy not only to the Chicago Bears and Denver Broncos, but the fans, athletes, NFL as an organization, and its employees. These individuals arrest, at Soldier Field, raise concern of stadium security not just in Chicago but across all venues. This also has implications of financial exposure due to legal action. In addition to reputational risk and damage to the NFL, Chicago Bears, and Denver Broncos, it placed Monterrey Security, a prominent security firm contracted by majority of major venues in Chicago, in the negative media spotlight.

ClearForce could have alerted Monterrey Security, the Chicago Bears, and the NFL of arrests and convictions-enabling leadership to take appropriate action.