Customer Corporation for the past 15 years has been a leading provider of sophisticated technical services to the military and intelligence community. In September 2016, the company assessed options for responding to a US Government requirement that contractors establish and maintain an insider threat program to detect, deter and mitigate insider threats. ClearForce was selected as the preferred insider threat monitoring solution because of its ease of use, minimal resource investment and proven effectiveness.

Implementation required less than a week to full operational readiness, including training the system administrator, inputting employee data, obtaining workforce consent, and submitting a customizable written plan for submission to the US Government. Simply, ClearForce right out of the box addressed all the new insider threat requirements.


The first alert arrived within a week, identifying an employee with a new mortgage. Since company leadership knew the employee and was aware of an impending refinance, the alert was simply dismissed with no need to complete the full automated workflow. Other alerts followed that also required no actions after they were noted and then dismissed by the ClearForce analyst and reviewer following discussion with the insider threat program senior official.


The Customer headquarters staff conducted a follow-up with ClearForce after eight weeks. Feedback was positive in unexpected ways. It turns out that most of the alerts were for employees who are subject matter experts onsite at Government project locations across the country. The headquarters staff did not realize how much they really did not know or how disconnected they had become to these unsupervised employees, who could bring major disruption to operations should they undertake criminal or other negative activities. Said the Customer president: “ClearForce gave us peace of mind, knowing that we do not need to worry about staff operating without direct supervision.” Employees responded positively to ClearForce as well, noting that their managers seem to have more knowledge and understanding following implementation of the product.


In December 2016, the US Government performed an annual audit of Customer’s cleared facility and staff. The results were highly complimentary to the company, including a notation that ClearForce met all requirements for insider threat monitoring. To include several of the checklist items highlighting ClearForce as a best practice. As explained by one of the auditors, the ClearForce approach to insider threat monitoring really nails the requirement, and will prevent audit findings for other contractors if in place.


ClearForce was designed from the start to be a cost-effective solution for continuous employee evaluation that also provides corporate risk reduction benefits beyond expectation, reduces administrative time spent on personnel issues, meets all US Government requirements for insider threat monitoring, and offers intangible savings from reduced attrition and higher morale.