Employees’ physical and information access can create risk for the organization, its employees, and customers. Employee behavioral issues that are not quickly identified and addressed, only progress to bigger problems with greater risk.

The Problem

Many organizations are not equipped for the early discovery of risk because they are not proactively looking; instead, relying upon static, point-in-time background checks and ineffective anonymous hotlines. Organizational silos and incomplete views limited to network activity compound the problem.

The Solution

ClearForce delivers real-time continual “push” based alerting of misconduct and patterns of compounding pressure often identified in financial, criminal, social media, and web-based direct reporting. ClearForce solves the regulatory hurdle to make all information actionable in a single platform.


50% of workplace crime directly or indirectly involves an employee.
Average cost of workplace crime ranges from $5 million to $8 million per incident.
Static pre-hire background checks are not sufficient.


Continual discovery of pressure, stress and misconduct
Protection of privacy
Elimination of bias and discrimination

User Persona


Job Role: Security Executive and FSO

Industry: Government Contractor

Needs: Enhanced NISPOM Compliance


Marcus is responsible for all things related to security clearances. He needs to know of personnel issues that could result in the loss of clearance and jeopardize their government contracts, and he doesn’t want his government customer to be one breaking the news.


All of his employees have signed SF-86 forms and are under continual evaluation by the department of defense to hold their clearance.


Marcus uses ClearForce to backstop the requirements for criminal self reporting and to identify potentially disqualifying financial problems while there is still time to help support his employees.