Employers have a duty of care to provide a safe working environment for their employees and customers and a fiduciary responsibility to their shareholders to protect the organization from reputational risk.

The Problem

Static, point-in-time screening is outdated and ineffective. Re-running background checks is not economical at scale. Public record searches are inefficient and incomplete. Data-only solutions fail to address essential compliance and privacy requirements.

The Solution

ClearForce provides comprehensive, compliant and continual 24×7 monitoring of felony and violent crimes configured and sourced at the federal, state and country court level, sex offender registries, global criminal watch list, adverse media and social media posts.


48% of employees have experienced workplace violence
1-2% of an average workforce is arrested each year
15% of workplace deaths are the result of intentional injury


Real-time continual assessment
EEOC, FCRA, CCPA, GDPR compliance
Scalable, economical, configurable solutions

User Persona


Job Role: Safety Executive

Industry: Transportation

Needs: Criminal Monitoring


Susan is responsible for ensuring safety for both the company’s drivers and passengers.


Susan had been running annual DOT checks on her drivers, but was missing other ongoing criminal offenses – and background checks were not practical for passengers.


Susan leverages ClearForce to create a customized criminal screening and monitoring program that protects privacy while providing continual coverage for both drivers and passengers.