Toxic work cultures and toxic leadership destroy company brands, erode the organization’s ability to recruit and retain talent, and result in executives losing their jobs. Companies cannot afford surprises and will not tolerate leaders who don’t have the facts on when issues occur, who knew, when they knew and whether policies were followed.

The Problem

Too often organizational leaders passively wait to be informed of employee misconduct. Most organizations have a 800 whistleblower hotline; they are not used. Employees don’t believe they are anonymous, and they are unsure of what to report, so they don’t report. Reports of misconduct come from different sources and not centralized to show the complete picture.

The Solution

ClearForce increases workforce incident reporting through a categorical and configurable web-based reporting portal, where the organization can define what behaviors and events are important to report, including self reporting, peer reporting and anonymized reporting. ClearForce centralizes the collection of all internal and external reporting, logs every role-based decision made, and automates checks and balances and full audit capability.


39% of CEO’s depart for unethical behavior
48% of women report being sexually harassed
63% of employees are aware of workplace bullying


Increased internal incident reporting of misconduct
Centralized audit trail for log/retain all actions
Disparate impact reporting to remove bias and discrimination

User Persona


Job Role: Human Resources Manager

Industry: Media and Entertainment

Needs: Enhanced internal incident reporting


In the past year, two powerful executives were fired because of investigations into harassment and intimidation with the management team of their division – investigations that demonstrated issues that existed over many years.


Patrick has pushed more training on their whistleblower hotline, but employees won’t use it and dont think it is anonymous – and the number of incidents personally reported to his HR team is very limited.


Patrick rolled out the Resolve web-based reporting portal initially to one department and then within 6 months to the entire company, and continues to add and refine the specific categories and concerns that point to signs of trouble.